Furry Cats - Top 5 Breeds

Furry cats are feline versions of teddy bears and because of that they attract so much attention, it's hard not to fall in love with one. Despite the disadvantages in relation to cats with short hair, mainly regarding care - which are quite frequent - furry cats are still very desired. Here you can see the top 5 breeds of longhaired pussies!

  1. Persian

The Persian cat is, as the name implies, of Persian and Turkish origin. Persians are considered average, weigh between 3.5 kg to 7 kg. Persians, like the rest furry cats, have a long and dense coat.

Persians are calm and docile cats, very attached to the family. Despite all this attachment, they maintain the characteristics of feline independence, that is, they cope well with periods of loneliness, as long as they are not too long.

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  1. Angora

Our second pussy on the list furry cats is the lovely Angora. The Angora cat is originally from Angora, an extinct city in Turkey. They are also considered average, weighing from 2kg to 5kg and have a long, thin coat.

Angora is among the most intelligent cats, besides being companions and very affectionate. Angora cats do not require much care beyond the coat, which will be discussed later. It is a cat for anyone to defect!

  1. Holy Burma

The Burmese Sacred is often mistaken for a very hairy Siamese, as the coloring is similar to Siamese. This breed is of French origin, it is also called Burmese or Burmese. One more of furry cats medium sized, the Sacred of Burma weighs from 4kg to 7kg, the coat can vary from medium to long.

The Sacred of Burma is docile, does not require much attention, but enjoys the company of the family, as well as being playful. It is ideal for those who live in an apartment.

  1. Ragdoll

That furry cat comes from the United States, is considered to be large, weighing from 4 kg to 6 kg in the case of females and between 7 kg to 10 kg in the case of males. The Ragdoll's coat is long, soft and silky.

Ragdoll is very docile and needy. And it is very much! If you have a profile that spends a lot of time away from home, do not choose a Ragdoll, they need company, care and attention and do not know how to deal with loneliness.

  1. Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is of North American origin, from the State of Maine, more specifically. Are furry cats large, and can weigh up to 10 kg. The coat is long, smooth and silky, being longer in the area of ​​the belly and chest to protect it from the common snow of the place where this breed appeared.

Also known as American Long Hair, the Maine Coon is the oldest long-haired breed in the USA and also the largest. They are extremely docile, get along very well with other animals and adapt very well.

Long coat care

Who wouldn't want to have one of those adorable hair balls at home? However, before opting for one of the furry cats, you must be aware of the specific care they require.

Brushing is the main part of this care. The ideal would be to brush the hair once a day, but with today's running routine this can become an almost impossible task, so at least twice a week is enough.

To brush the furry cats, you need to use brushes suitable for this type of coat, easily found in pet stores. The brushing process takes no more than ten minutes, unless the hair is full of knots, which is quite common in longhaired breeds. Most cats like to be brushed, it is almost an affection, but of course there can be exceptions.

If your pussy is one of those rare jewels, do not insist on spending ten or fifteen minutes brushing it under mewing protests, release it and try later, do it little by little, please it with snacks before you start brushing. Everything to get used to it gradually.

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