Does your cat eat soap? Find out why it does this

Your cat certainly has its quirks, but when she steals soap to eat it, make sure you think about why she does! It could be dangerous for him.

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Any cat handler will admit that their pet sometimes behaves bizarrely. Cats can bark at birds, throw items off shelves, or sleep in a bathtub or litter box. Some quirks are more common in the cat world, others less so. Eating soap is definitely more original. As it turns out, there are purrs who like these slippery ankles. Does your cat eat or lick soap? Find out why it does this.

When the cat eats soap

Some of the strange behaviors can be attributed to boredom or simple preferences, while others, such as the aforementioned eating soap, may unfortunately be a sign of a more serious problem. So, if you've noticed that your cat is licking or eating soap or other inedible items in the house - don't underestimate it. Surely purr is trying to tell you about his health needs (either physically or mentally).

Possible causes

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Unfortunately, we can't just ask a cat why he is interested in a cleansing bar of soap. Therefore, we must analyze its behavior ourselves and consider what its causes may be. Is something unusual going on with your pet? Acting strangely, or suddenly starting to do something he has never done before? It is worth taking a look at his health. Prophylactic examinations will never hurt, and in many cases they can reveal diseases or conditions that have been plaguing the kitten for some time.


There are several theories as to why a cat may lick or nibble on things that are not food.

PICA Syndrome could be the cause - a tendency to eat inedible items that, unlike food, contain no real nutritional value. For cats, this can include a variety of items, including soap, plastic, cat litter, and cutlery. PICA is usually attributed to nutritional deficiencies or a compulsive disorder. Deterioration of health (gastrointestinal disorders, peritonitis), inability to implement instincts, boredom and stress, or neurological disorders can also cause the appearance of the PICA syndrome. However, the most common cause of PICA is a nutrient deficiency in the diet. Cats deficient in fiber and iron often look for additional fiber and iron sources.

Ingredients interesting for the cat

Another reason why cats are interested in soap may be that some of these products are made of animal-based ingredients. Some commercial soaps are made from an animal fat known as tallow. It is he who can tempt cats with its residual scent. In addition, some plastic shopping bags are made from animal by-products, and photo prints are usually tied with gelatin. Odors that are imperceptible to us are the reason why cats show interest in these items. Therefore, cats may want to sniff, lick and even eat soap.

How to prevent soap consumption

Cats that eat inedible items may experience intestinal blockages and further deteriorate their health. Moreover, such behavior can also be simply dangerous. Swallowing a shoelace or a large amount of plastic may require medical intervention. In order to avoid such catastrophes, it is important to consult a cat's health condition immediately with a veterinarian as soon as we notice that it is behaving strangely. It is always most important to know why your pet behaves unnaturally. In addition, a correct diagnosis will help us remove the causes and any consequences.

If it turns out that your cat is eating prohibited items due to a food shortage, you will need to supplement its diet with the necessary nutrients and vitamins. What if the cause is boredom and frustration of not being able to pursue hunting instincts? It will be necessary to devote time to our pet and organize his living space more interestingly. Of course, any health reasons will require treatment. Meanwhile, keep whatever your cat is trying to lick or eat out of reach of its prying paws. Especially plastic and soap!

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