5 sins of a cat. Make sure you don't commit one!

Caring for a cat is a real challenge. Find out the most common mistakes made by cat lovers!

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We all want what's best for our pets, right? But sometimes, usually unconsciously, we act to their disadvantage. How is this possible? Well, cat nature is complicated and not every guardian knows what his purr really needs. Errors in care also result from the fact that we treat cats as if they were dogs. And these are completely different species ... Follow these five commandments and you will take a big step towards your pet's happiness. Find out what not to do to your cat.

1. Respect the cat's personal space

Who and whom, but the cat is definitely not going to be forced to do anything. There is simply no force that will make your purr do something he doesn't want. Therefore, never insist that the cat sit on your lap, sleep under the duvet or let it be petted when it is clearly not willing to do so. The cat does not understand these dictates. He decides whether he wants to be picked up, whether he wants to be stroked on the stomach and whether he wants to be in a given place. Only giving freedom and complete respect for the cat's space can make it feel good in our company. Restrictions and orders of any kind will not be meekly accepted by the purr. It is imperative to make children and your guests aware of this topic.

2. Prohibited Penalties

In the world of cats, nothing is as certain as the fact that punishment will not work as intended. If you ever feel like yelling at a rascal or even spanking him - get it out of your head! This type of behavior will absolutely not bring the desired effect, it can be quite the opposite - it will perpetuate the unwanted behavior, and at the same time undermine the bond between you. The cat cannot link the punishment to what he did, because in his opinion he did not do anything wrong. Dropping the vase (curiosity), peeing in the shoe (scent message), scratching the sofa (visual message) - these are completely normal activities for a cat related to its nature. So how is he to understand that this is something wrong? In the case of purrs, only one solution works - discouragement, while pointing to an alternative, as well as praise and rewards for the desired behavior.

3. Deadly overfeeding

We know very well how difficult it is to refuse a cat another treat, a fatty ham or a slice of cheese, when it asks so sweetly. You love your cat, so you don't want to feel sorry for him. However, is the proof of love for the child another bar or a can of soda? No, the proof of affection and responsibility is isolating him from what is harmful to him. Eating your cat properly is the key to its health and longevity. Therefore, do not give him anything that is unhealthy for him (e.g. products containing spices, especially salt). Use snacks only in exchange for activity, preferably low-calorie snacks (healthy snacks for a cat), and let the bowl contain only as much food as the cat needs at a time. A bowl full of dry crisps is not a good idea at all. Remember that in a cat's case, diabetes and overweight are also fatal diseases.

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4. Don't neglect the cat's litter box

We know that cleaning a litter box is not the most pleasant thing to do. Unfortunately, this is one of the most important aspects of cat care! A clean litter box is the absolute basis of a cat's happiness. It is also a mine of knowledge for us, the caretakers, about cat health. If you do not keep the litter box clean, you increase the chances that your cat will not use it, and this can have consequences in the form of various diseases. Also, the pussy is just nervous when she has to use a dirty toilet. And cumulative stress is the first step to behavioral problems. Let's not give it to the cat or ourselves, because litter box waste can also be a threat to ourselves!

5. What not to do to the cat? Don't avoid the vet

Few cats enjoy visiting the vet. Most run away at the mere sight of the transporter! But that shouldn't be a reason to spare the purr from this "dubious pleasure." Unfortunately, it's necessary because cats are true masters of pretending that everything is fine with their health, even when it isn't. Why are they doing this? For fear of the doctor? No, it is their nature that makes them hide any weaknesses. Weakened organisms are much easier prey for other predators in the wild. Unfortunately, this feature makes it difficult for the guardian to control the cat's health. All the more necessary are preventive examinations, at least once a year. Don't wait until you notice any symptoms. Then it may turn out that the disease is already in an advanced stage.

We hope you are not making the above mistakes. If you have abused or neglected any of the points, be sure to work on not unknowingly hurting your pet! Caring for a kitten is a big responsibility, but all the hardships will pay off. A happy and healthy cat can also give you more happiness and health.

Video: tiny angry cat at vet clinic (September 2021).