8 truths that only those who live with the cat will understand

Although each cat has a unique character, most cat lovers agree that being with a cat and sharing its life with it can only be understood by another cat's owner.

  • Living with a cat

Some aspects of living with a cat are as delightful as purring, while others… Well, sometimes it's better to just keep silent about them. However, together it all adds up to a portrait of a happy cat guardian, because for cat lovers, living with a cat - contrary to appearances - has only advantages. The truth is that complete understanding can only be found in that animal's second guardian. After all, these proud and independent animals live in our apartments on… their own terms. And we have no choice but to accept it without undue objection. Here are 8 things that only those who also live with the cat will understand.

1. Living with a cat, or patterns of hair on clothes

Trying to keep your clothes - especially dark ones - away from your pet's hair doesn't make much sense. At the beginning of your life together, you probably bought a state-of-the-art vacuum cleaner to get rid of fur in no time, or maybe you only wore dander-resistant fabrics (yes, they supposedly exist!) And bought clothes rolls every week. But you finally stopped caring about it. And rightly so! You should proudly flaunt the lint on your clothes. Let everyone know that you are the keeper of the meowing animal.

2. Things like to fall. Just

If living with a cat and the Internet have taught us anything about purrs, it is precisely that they love to knock off everything that they find worth ... throwing off with their paws. Do you want to put a beautiful tablecloth on the table and put a vase of flowers on it? Think it over again. Or maybe you left your phone dangerously close to the edge of the table? We hope you can afford a new one. Remember: it is not you who decorate the apartment, but your cat.

3. Cats sleep all the time… except between 4am and 6am

You have bags under your eyes like you spent the whole night at a party? We believe you were lying in bed politely and unsuccessfully trying to sleep. Our lovely little creatures seem to do nothing but sleep, eat and sleep again. Yes, but it's during the day. What's more, just when no one is home ... But as soon as you want to sleep, they start to burst with incredible energy. Crazy rallies around the apartment, bed, and finally your body, scratching the walls or trying to lie down on the face of the guardian. After all, the cat does it all out of love, so that you do not fall asleep to work or school. And since he does all this an hour before the alarm clock goes off, it's only so that you can have more time together before you leave your cat's sight for a good few hours.

4. Your cat loves cardboard boxes more than an expensive bed

You spent half a day in the store bouncing from one shelf to the next. You have read thousands of reviews to choose the best. You've finally found the perfect cat bed, toys and a large scratching post. You have already seen this flash of joy in your pet's eyes with the eyes of your imagination. You go home jumping and the cat? He looks at new dwellings with contempt, avoids a lair or a scratching post with a wide berth and… he immediately proves that a cardboard box is a thousand times better than what you just bought him. And the toys? The everyday stuff - especially yours - is much better.

5. Your cat eats better food than you do

Living with a cat and sharing your life with him is full of sacrifices. You won't admit to anyone that you barely have enough for the rest of the month, because you spend all your salary on your kitty. For nearly 30 days, you will eat buttered bread so that your cat can eat the best quality food. Yes, this will only be understood by another purr's handler… And that sometimes a cat will throw food on the floor, it's only to show you its appreciation.

6. You have accepted that the cat is your boss

Don't even try to pretend otherwise. We all know who rules the house where the cat lives. Hint: his favorite pastimes are dropping objects from a height, sitting on a laptop when you are trying to work, sleeping, eating, hunting, or moaning loudly about anything he likes. And you have to endure it or take part in it.

7. Cats don't know what personal space is

They are independent animals, but try to forget yourself and close the bathroom door. Just drama. This despair, these attempts to climb inside… Yes, cats definitely don't know what personal space is - they will follow you everywhere. Moreover, when you lie down and watch your favorite series, the purr will happily cuddle against your face (blocking your view) so you can admire his back body. But you bear it patiently because you know that it is out of love for you.

8. You never know if your cat wants to hug you… or bite you

There is nothing better than cuddling on the couch with a cat ... Until you make one wrong move and he loses his patience: he will bite you and then run to another room.

What would you add to this list? What are your experiences of living together with your cat under the same roof?

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