Make prey catch games for cats yourself

Your cat has a natural urge to hunt for prey. So what is nicer than creating games for cats, in which they can follow their instincts and really turn up the game? Here are some tips on how to easily make cat games yourself. No matter whether small or large - prey catch games are loved by all cats - pictures: Shutterstock / dragi52

You do not need to buy any material - most of the handicraft material you will easily have at home. Buying extra cat toys from the toy store is usually expensive and not necessary at all. Here are some suggestions.

Make loot catch games yourself

Your cat likes to lurk prey. To do this, you are in a lurking position - ideally in hidden places. These can be paper bags, cardboard boxes or shopping baskets. Or you can make your cat a newspaper roof under which it can take cover. A rolled-up runner also offers itself as camouflage. Now you can draw the cat's attention to the "prey" with a cord that you pull.

Wonderfully old corks are also suitable as toys. You can tie it to the string and use it to replace a mouse. Of course you can also buy a toy mouse from a pet store - but be careful of small parts such as eyes that can be swallowed.

Cats also like to play with the cork in the bath or shower. There the prey catch game becomes a real ping-pong game, in which several cats like to participate.

Kittens on the ball: cute little sports cannons

Bottle football - A great idea for cats

You can easily make a cat-friendly football yourself. Take an old PET bottle. Fill the bottle with balls, pebbles, dry pasta or peas or whatever you have on hand. The particles give a nice sound effect when you and your cat play a game of football with the bottle. The cat cannot injure itself on a light plastic bottle, so it can fly a bit through the air.