Sugar-sweet mini fluffy sleeps on the back

As is well known, cats can sleep, doze, sleep and dream in all imaginable positions. The cat in this video proves the unusual sleeping habits of her kind in a sugar-sweet way: she just lies on her back - and is extremely difficult to wake up.

Zack - there the minimiez lies on the red carpet and stretches out its paws. Her mistress lies down next to it on the red carpet and comes up with a plan: she wants to gently wake the cute baby cat with a feather. However, this does not succeed at first, the fur line continues to sleep, although it is tickled with the feather on the whiskers. In another attempt, it works and the poor kitten wakes up. But it doesn't take long and the sweetness falls asleep again, stroking several hands. Nice dreams, back sleepers!

Why do cats love strange sleeping places?

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