Cat from the shelter: tips for the right choice

If you choose a cat from the shelter, you give a dear animal the chance of a better life. In any case, you should first think about which animal you want and can give a new home. Should it be a young kitten or an adult cat? A free lover or a house tiger? Families with children should also pay attention to one or the other tip and seek detailed advice. Image: Shutterstock / Dwight Smith

Not all cats from the shelter are easy to care for or fit your needs. Therefore, it is advisable to make yourself smart before visiting the appropriate places and to spend a little time with the velvet paws. This way you can quickly find out whether they fit together or not.

Cat from the shelter: what to expect

With a cat from the shelter, you give a pet a new chance for a happy life. After all, many of these velvet paws have had bad experiences. The prejudices against animals from the sanctuaries are often correspondingly large. Most are problem cats and accordingly shy or disturbed. The critics are not always completely wrong, after all, many animals have been neglected by their previous owners. The trained carers know their protégés very well and can help you with many tips to help you choose the cat you want. There are also cases in which the carers have already done good preparatory work and the cats can regain trust in people. The first and most important step is here as already done.

Cat from the shelter: adopt problem cases

Not every cat from the shelter is perfect. One or the other problem case is in the ...

Age and character play a big role

For example, many want to have a small, cute kitten. But there is a problem here: It is not yet possible to say exactly what character the furry four-legged friend will develop. On the other hand, if you choose an adult animal, you will usually meet a solid character and can better assess whether the cat suits you. The carers can give you good advice with the experience they have had with the animal. They also tell you whether the pet can be integrated into a family with children or other cats. So you can decide for yourself whether you want to take home a fun-loving little brawler or a quiet, sleepy salon lion. It is important to be absolutely honest with yourself and the experts, this is the only way to find the right match and to offer the cat a perfect home.

Cats from the shelter are not for nothing

If you want to save money with a cat from the shelter, you may be faced with a nasty surprise, because even velvet paws from animal welfare are not simply given away. Most facilities charge a so-called protection fee in order to cover vaccination, castration and care costs. If you choose a young animal, you will often receive a castration voucher. You can redeem it if your darling is old enough. Also important: Many animal shelters carry out preliminary checks of the new home before handing over one of your protégés. A controller visits you at home and checks whether you have the requirements for keeping the desired cat.

Domestic cat from the animal shelter - tips and tricks

There are many four-legged friends in the shelter who are looking for a loving home. Anyone adopting a domestic cat ...

Keep your eyes open at dubious institutions

Even when it comes to animal welfare, not everything goes as it should. Rarely in Germany, but it is quite possible that you will find a facility that is not quite as careful with care and placement. However, black sheep can usually be quickly unmasked. The accommodations often do not have perfect hygienic conditions. Newcomers are not first checked through in a quarantine station and the cats from the shelter make a neglected impression despite professional care. During the conversation, the state of health or the character of the animals is only discussed superficially. Here you should not adopt an obviously sick animal out of pity, but immediately contact the official veterinarian responsible for the district.

If you want to take in a cat with a disability or poor health, it is important that you find out exactly what medical, medication and care costs you may incur. Nothing would be worse than having to give up your fluffy roommate because you can't raise the necessary money.