Do cats really always land on all fours?

After a fall, the cat always lands on all fours - at least from a statistical perspective, it does so remarkably often. And not without reason. Because the house tigers know very well how to jump and fall.

Getting ready for landing: cat on all fours approaching

Ideally, it's the perfect planning. Cats can assess their jumps before they take off. So you know the risk. But what about the house tigers that suddenly fall from the windowsill or from a tree top? Because even in the event of a fall, the animals almost always land on all fours.

The calm after the fall

First of all, cats are very flexible animals. If you fall, first turn your front body around, then pull your rear part behind and reach your desired flight position - with your paws down. This is not a trained, but a natural, reflex-like behavior. The factors of time and height play an important role here. If the height is too low, the cat will not have enough time to turn. This explains the paradox that a kitty who falls from the fourth floor of a house has a better chance of survival than her tabby colleague, who has been fatal to the balcony one floor below.

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